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It is the goal at Midnight Bookworm Books, a division of Midnight Bookworm Agency, to bring the client to the highest level possible, consistent with the client's skill package.  First, we must define what success is, in terms of publishing...  Taking two typical examples that writers experience, let's walk through what often happens. 

WRITER A... Obtains a royalty publishing contract from a mainstream publisher.  The writer is overjoyed.  A Year later, viola!  The book is in print.  There have been a few interviews with the media.  The writer is on the way.  Right?

Not necessarily...  It has been consistently statet by the publishing industry that ninety-percent of all books lose money.  Such a statistic is borne out when one merely examines remainder tables at big box stores, or bargain bins at dedicated book stores.  So what is the process?

First, all publishers are sustained by their blockbusters, or their perennial sellers.  In order to take a chance on a title that intrigued somebody at the publishing office, there must be enough successful books on their list.  Second, book publishers are not very good--never have been--at predicting what books will sell.  It has always been a roll of the dice.  Third, when a title does not take off, grow legs, and sell to the public by word of mouth (you would be surprised at how little money is spent by publishers to promote their titles) then the book is remaindered--sent back by book stores to the publisher's designated address for such transactions-- and then (most disturbing for the writer) after awhile the author's book will be found scattered to the four winds on "remainder tables," deeply discounted; as low as three to five dollars.  But wait...  It gets worse...  Sometimes the books end up being sold by those retailers who sell everything in the store for a dollar--or less.  Needless to say, such sales do nothing to offset the advance received by the author.  If, indeed, there was an advance...

Tough business, publishing.  When such a dismal event happens to a client that we placed with a royalty publisher, Midnight Bookworm Agency
will proceed to find another publishing outlet.  It might well be Midnight Bookworm Books.  Or perhaps another POD (print-on-demand) publisher.  Since all of our clients are protected by a lifetime publicity deal, we will continue to hammer away with publicity, and also seek paid platform speaking appearances for the author who must endure the remainder experience.  Many times, royalty publishers will not accept another book from an author whose book goes out-of-print, perhaps a mere three months after publication.  For all too many authors, it spells the end of their publishing career.  Like a career ending injury does for a promising athlete.  At Midnight Bookworm Agency, we disagree with this outcome.

There is a whole world out there waiting to read YOUR creative output.  All they need is to know about YOU and your work.   

WRITER B...  Decides to try the POD (print-on-demand) route.  In as little as thirty days, the book is out there--in print.  Even less for the electronic formats.  Writers who have engaged the Midnight Bookworm Agency will experience a dynamic publicity machine--far in advance of what mainstream publishers will do.  We will continue to work with the author to advance the status of the title.  What's more, we will eagerly work with the author to sell additional titles.  This becomes very important if the first book had a kind of natural expiration date--like a seed almanac for the year 2010...  Kind of worthless in the year 2015; really, much sooner.

Let's say the author who decided to try the POD route was James Redfield.  The book The Celestine Prophecy...  Or John Grisham...  The book was A Time to Kill.  Both authors began with subsidy publishing.  Both moved on to mainstream royalty publishing.  Both became MEGA successful.

So...  Which author actually experienced success? 

At Midnight Bookworm Books, a division of Midnight Bookworm Agency, we are committed to find the right formula--out of countless possible formulas!  The right formula FOR YOU!

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